Crisis Management & Media Training @ Oriel


Brief description of the cases:

  1. Bring public confidence back
    A large financial institution ran into severe crisis due to its alleged wrong decisions in investments in certain instruments. Our strategy to communicate, change in its working philosophy, management structure and improved internal mechanism involving investors, employees and other stake holders help it win the public confidence back and turn into a large institution.
  2. A famous change chain of non- vegetarian restaurant faced agitation by animal right activists who’d render the visiting guest from entering the restaurant created ruckus and resulted in negative photo caps and stories. Our intervention and communication about the fair-play by the clients and missed placed notion by the activist helped the client bounce back.
  3. A popular television channel faced the wroth of authorities and public for a certain incident act by one of the participants from the program which was delayed resulting in public brouhaha. Our communication was to explain the channel’s view point and the steps it had taken to prevent such incidence and also helped to reconnect with the viewers.
  4. In the wake of controversy regarding entry of private players in cooking gas we highlighted the problems faced by private players and communicated the need for level playing field.
  5. A famous college in Mumbai came in flag from all political parties and saw violent demonstrations because it started enforcing certain disciplines the college also faced allegation of closing down we bought out the facts in open about the academic interest and management stance and highlighted the fears of students and parents. Thus the academic and public interest was protected.
  6. A famous five star hotel faced flax from a certain motivated customers who went to town talking about food containing insects in the restaurant. The clients view point was projected and its system of maintaining hygiene was communicated. This potential situation that could have raised questions in the mind of other patterns was averted.
  7. On certain policy issue there was a huge opposition to the policy. We helped communicate the advantage of the policy to over 200 open house section across the country inviting all stakeholders. The exercise resulted in healthy public debate and discussion and resulted in policy implementation.
  8. A large enforcing agency realized that its good work was wrongly interpreted and reported in the media. It was realizes that there was a need for better communication between the agency and media. An intense media coaching program for the agency’s personnel this impact the briefing and reporting.
  9. Textile manufacturer faced severe labour problem with two warring union going violent which resulted in loss of lives of two labourers and became the case of alleged human rights violation. Our strategy and communication to put the entire issue in the right perspective in front of all stake holders including media not only reduced conflicts but let to peaceful resumption of production.
  10. We helped a large co-operate bank communicate its strong fundamentals to all stake holders timely to avert and impending crisis as rumours were flying thick.
  11. A public communication program was initiate to highlight pro’s and con’s of streptokinase verses Veronese (injections given at the time of heart attack).
  12. A NGO came up with a campaign to showcase the dilapidated condition of the municipality schools. We helped them run the online campaign and created a microsite for the masses to sign the petition and to support such a cause. This garnered a lot of signature and pictorial depiction.